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Lawyer Chang Attorneys at Law consists of a dedicated team of attorneys who are bound and obliged to safeguard justice and fairness at all levels of Taiwanese society.


In an enthusiastic pursuit for justice, we stand up for the persecuted and the oppressed and act with courage toward establishing a more civil society.

Embracing this idea, we succumb to no peril – our goal is the triumph of justice.


  • Referral Service for Upholding and Enforcing Regulations and Statutes
  • Governing Corporate and Labor Law
    Referral Services for Appropriate Debt Collection and the Protection Of Legal Claims
  • Referral Services for Commercial Contracts, Leases, Etc.
  • Referral Service Regarding Taxation, Trusts, Real Estate Transactions, Bonds, Intellectual Property Case Analysis and Evaluation
  • Providing Legal Research Regarding Legal Code And Information and Referrals for Industrial and Commercial Action
  • Providing Expert Legal Seminars for any level of Taiwan Society
  • Applications for Patents and Trademarks and Litigation in Civil and Criminal Matters
  • Case Analysis, Evaluation, Mediation and Arbitration
  • Representing Clients in Business Negotiations
  • Representing Clients in Impartial Arbitration Drafting legal documents relating to :
    Agreements, Settlements, Power of Attorney, Authorization, Civil Applications, Petition; Sales of Real Estate, Goods and Vehicles; Civil Engineering, Transferring and Establishment of Mortgages, Real Estate Leasing, Installment Purchasing, Distributorship, Confidential Provisioning, Doctrines of Nuisances, Policies and Titles, Endowments, Employment, etc...


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